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General Terms and Conditions Tattoo Room 4 Rent
1. scope of application
These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to the provision of tattoo rooms and all other related services and supplies of Tattoo Room 4 Rent to the customer. The GTC form an integral part of each contract between Tattoo Room 4 Rent and the customer. If changes to these GTC come about, these require an express written agreement between the parties. This also applies to the cancellation of the written form requirement.

2. conclusion of the contract
Following the online booking by the customer, this receives from Tattoo Room 4 Rent a written reservation confirmation by e-mail. From receipt of this e-mail, the contract between the parties in force.

3. services
Tattoo Room 4 Rent undertakes to provide the services ordered by the customer and promised in writing by Tattoo Room 4 Rent.

4 Payments, Prices & Deposit
a | All prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) and include the statutory value added tax (VAT).

b| Prices:
1/2 day: 150.- --> 08:00-13:30 |14:30-20:00 each 5.5h
1 day: 250.-
3 days: 600.- -> 200.-/day
1 week: 900.- -> 150.- / day
1 month: 1920- to 2160.- -> 80.-/ day

c| All bookings are paid in advance at the time of booking. A deposit of CHF 300.- will be blocked on the credit card at the time of booking. If everything was ok at the check out, this 300.- will be released again.

d| Prices are subject to change by Tattoo Room 4 Rent.

4. liability
a| The tattoo room is to be used by the customer with the utmost care and he is obliged to maintain peace and order. For any damage caused, the customer or the company must pay. Tattoo Room 4 Rent disclaims any liability for theft, etc. and in relation to services provided by third parties. 

b| The customer is liable to Tattoo Room 4 Rent for all damages and losses or other damage caused by himself, his customer or other third parties.

c| Tattoo Room 4 Rent disclaims any liability for theft and damage to property caused by the customer, his customer or other third parties. 

d| The customer works according to the highest hygienic standards and in compliance with all legal, regulatory and technical requirements. He uses only professional, sterilized tattoo instruments, sterilized tattoo accessories or sterile disposable and hygienic items. He uses only tattoo inks and tattoo products according to the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

e| Any liability for damages, for whatever legal reason, is rejected.

f| Tattoo Room 4 Rent is not liable for services provided by the customer to its customers.

g| The customer is obliged to register his service with the cantonal laboratory and to take care of the registration with the SVA itself. The cantonal laboratory may carry out spot checks. Tattoo Room 4 Rent disclaims any liability.

5. withdrawal Tattoo Room 4 Rent
Tattoo Rom 4 Rent is entitled to withdraw for factually justified reason from the contract extraordinary, for example if
* Force majeure (according to Swiss understanding in particular natural disasters such as storm winds, floods or earthquakes)  

* Other circumstances beyond the control of Tattoo Room 4 Rent make it impossible to fulfill the contract.

* Rooms are booked under misleading or false statement of material facts, for example, in the person of the customer or the purpose.

* Tattoo Room 4 Rent has reasonable cause to believe that the use of the tattoo room may jeopardize the smooth operation, safety or reputation of Tattoo Room 4 Rent in public, without this being attributable to the control or organization of Tattoo Room 4 Rent.

In the case of justified withdrawal of Tattoo Room 4 Rent no claim for damages arises from the customer.

6. withdrawal customer
If it is impossible for the customer as a result of force majeure to obtain the agreed services, he can withdraw to the extent of the unfulfilled part of the contract in whole or in part without compensation.

7 Check in / Check out
The tattoo rooms are on the check in day from 08:00 clock ready for occupancy and on the check out day at the latest 20:00 clock to leave. Half-day bookings are either from 08:00-14:00 or 15:00-20:00.

8. conditions for individual tattoo room bookings
a|The booked tattoo room may be used exclusively for tattooing, unless otherwise agreed with Tattoo Room 4 Rent.
b|Individual bookings can be canceled free of charge up to 48h before check in, if sent in writing by mail. Tattoo rooms that are cancelled at a later date and cannot be re-rented will be charged 50% of the booking to the client.
c| In case of late arrival we will hold your booking until check in. Please note that in case of a guaranteed booking we will charge 50% of the cost in case of no-show. In case of early departure the customer will not receive any refund.
9. safety regulations / placing of decorative materials
a| The customer agrees to comply with the fire regulations of Tattoo Room 4 Rent in particular the keeping clear of escape routes, compliance with the smoking ban, etc..
b| Consent forms are filed by Tattoo Room 4 Rent, possibly used for advertising purposes.
c| The attachment of decorative materials and other objects on walls, doors and ceilings always requires the prior consent of Tattoo Room 4 Rent. The customer is liable for any resulting damage to Tattoo Room 4 Rent.
d| The customer is also responsible for ensuring that no more people are allowed entry. Allowed is the customer with his customer. His customer may have 1-2 escorts with him. Binding for this are the maximum numbers specified by Tattoo Room 4 Rent. In case of violation, Tattoo Room 4 Rent disclaims any liability.

10. final provisions
a| All contractual relations between Tattoo Room 4 Rent and customer, as well as all disputes that may arise from these relations, are governed exclusively by the laws of Switzerland.
b| The place of jurisdiction is Zurich, Switzerland.

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